Mist d.o.o

Über das Unternehmen

M-oprema & orodja d.o.o. is a family run business that has been successfully operating since 1995. Our first step in the business world was taken by the owner and founder of the company,
Stanislav Mihelič.
He began his journey as an independent contractor and opened the company MI.ST, Mihelič Stanislav, s.p, in 1995.
In 2018 his son Kristjan Mihelič took over as the director of the firm.
In 2008 the company transitioned from an independent contractor (IC) to a limited liability company (LLC) and was renamed to M-OPREMA & ORODJA d.o.o.
In 2022, the company will launch its new website and online store www.mist.si

The company offers a wide range of cutting tools in various quality ranges such as HSS, VHM, PCD, etc., which can be used for various applications such as drilling, turning, milling, sawing and clamping. Their tools are used for classical and CNC machining in both the metal and wood industry.
M-oprema & orodja boasts a tradition of successful business and cooperation with other companies that goes back several decades. They enable their customers to quickly obtain tools and reduce production costs.
For more information and for business cooperation, you can reach us at the phone number or e-mail adress written below.
Telefon-Symbol+386 1 512 05 58
Karten-SymbolSelanov trg 4, 1210 Ljubljana – Šentvid